WalkingPad R1 Pro Treadmill Foldable Upright Storage 10Km/H Running Walking 2in1 APP Control With Handrail Home Cardio Workout

WalkingPad R1 Pro Treadmill Foldable Upright Storage 10Km/H Running Walking 2in1 APP Control With Handrail Home Cardio Workout

Lista de precios: US $1,170.11
Precio: US $760.57
Se ahorra: US $409.54 (35%)
R1 Pro
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Lista de precios: US $1,170.11
Precio: US $760.57
Se ahorra: US $409.54 (35%)
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R1 Pro
Heart Rate Test:
Home Use Treadmill
Driving Power:
20USD!!! (contact me)
Rated voltage:
Rated power:
Sport Mode:
Running and Walking Mode
Sports Type:
Remote Control Foot Feeling Control
Minimum speed:
Speed Range:
Maximum bearing weight:
Continuous output horsepower:
Peak horsepower:
Net weight:
Gross weight:
Running belt width:
Running belt area:
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1pcs Tronsmart Onyx Ace as the gift, about details please check this link:
Say Goodbye to the Gym, Run at Home
Are you still worried about not having time to go to the gym? Now, we can run at home! This treadmill can be folded 180°, so you don't have to worry about running out of space at home. And you don't have to worry about the noise being complained by neighbors. Our treadmill is powerful, but the noise is very low. With intelligent control and novice speed limit, simple operation, so that you can get familiar with it faster and start exercising immediately. You can choose whether or not to use the armrest to meet the different needs of your family. The overall design is simple and easy to integrate into various home styles. This is exactly what you need for sports!
Q: Do I need to assemble the treadmill?
A: No, don't need. Our treadmill is installation-free.
Q: How do I use the treadmill?
A: Power on and turn on the switch of the treadmill. Please pay attention not to jump on the treadmill / jump off the running belt during operation to avoid inertial damage.
Q: Can I run barefoot on the treadmill?
A: Please do not use the treadmill barefoot or wearing slippers, which may cause injury. It is recommended to wear comfortable sports shoes when running.
Q: How should I store the treadmill when it is not in use?
A: The foldable and compact treadmill can be placed under the sofa or bed, saving the floor space.
Q: Can I move the treadmill easily?
A: Yes, the built-in transport wheels allow you to move the treadmill effortlessly.
Q: Why is there a mark on the running belt?
A: It is the interface of the running belt, which is a normal manufacturing technique. It’s not a quality problem. Please feel relieved to use it.
Q: How to maintain the treadmill?
A: 1. Drop silicone oil into the oil filling hole regularly to ensure smooth running of the running belt. (Once every 2-3 months)
2. The running belt will shift to a certain extent after long-term use. Please adjust the running belt according to the instructions.
Q: How long is the warranty period of the treadmill?
A: The treadmill is guaranteed for one year.
Main Features:

2 in 1 Design

With unique handle designs, the conventional form belongs to a treadmill, which can be used by users to meet daily running needs. By storing the armrests downward, you can turn into a space-saving walking machine, suitable for use in a variety of scenarios.

Low Noise Sports

With brushless motor and aluminum alloy frame, durability and stability are significantly improved. Better ability to suppress noise. Maximum load of 110kg, exercise at home will not affect neighbors.

Comfortable Foot Feel

Multi-layer running belt structure is used to prevent slipping while ensuring foot comfort. EVA cushioning can reduce knee injury.

Highlight LED Panel

Integrating LED lights into the panel helps you monitor speed, distance and exercise time.

3 Control Ways

In manual mode, you can use the remote control or the KS Fit APP to control it. In addition, it can be controlled with feet speed in automatic mode for greater convenience.

Creative Foldover Designs

After exercise, you can fold the treadmill 180 degrees in half, equipped with armrests and moving rollers, and easily store it with one hand.

Safety Protection

Comes with a newly added safety clip and front handle to keep you safe while you exercise. The handle provides extra balance while the safety clip acts as an emergency stop button. There are also novice speed limit and child lock functions to protect the safety of the family.


● Remote control battery: 1 x CR2350 ( built-in )

● APP: KS Fit

● Speed range: 0.5-10km/h

● Minimum speed: 0.5km/h

● Rated voltage: 220V

● Rated power: 918W

● Running mode: walking / running mode

● Product load: 110kg

Package Included

  • 1 x WalkingPad Treadmill R1 Pro
  • 1 x Charing Cable
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Hanging Rope


Another name for WalkingPad R1 is WalkingPad R1 Pro.

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